New color in limited edition

Autumn's news is coming right into the winter and launching news like this in the middle of the season feels just right. The tones go in black and dark graphite gray this time. Timeless, Nordic and always right. This new color scheme is close to the blue / black hue, but completely without the blue element. Slightly more neutral and slightly darker in expression, without the pattern falling away.

Discount discount on shrinkage

Send a picture of the shrunken garment to with a description of what has happened. You get a discount code that gives you 20% discount on the same garment. If it is no longer in the range, you can choose an equivalent. Of course, this only applies to products from Tordyvel's range.

Spring weather and wool storage

After a long and wonderful winter, the light and heat of spring are undeniably longed for. Dressing for the weather is an old but well-functioning devis and of course I advocate wool in both the bottom and the heat-reinforcing intermediate layer. It breathes, heats and regulates the body heat in an excellent way

1450 tonnes of Swedish wool are disposed of annually

Occasionally, the discussion blossoms about tons of Swedish wool being thrown or burned. Nowadays the subject was on the wallpaper again. With right. This unimaginable waste of resources must end.

Another model of Nalta cardigan

Right now, a new model of the Nalta cardigan is underway. The difference from the current cardigan is that it is slightly longer and straighter, to meet the desires of a model that also suits men.

The Nature Company in Malmö

Almost two weeks ago I was contacted by Björn Mattsson, store manager at Naturkompaniet on Stora Nygatan 35 here in Malmö, who wondered if I wanted to sell Tordyvel's products in their store.

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