Discount discount on shrinkage

Otursrabatt vid krympning

Wool is a fantastic material in all its versatility. Self-cleaning properties, heating and cooling, ventilating and insulating and completely degradable in nature make it an unbeatable fiber in many contexts. I can't speak warm enough about the wool, so it's no wonder I started a brand with this magical material as a starting point.

But, it has a downside. Well, I confess that I did too - shrunk my favorite garment! My thoughts were somewhere else when I started the washing machine and instead of the wool program I put on another program. And t's balm bath, stretching and blocking it does not want to regain its former form. It is so sad to realize that the woolen garment has shrunk forever.

Unfortunately, this can happen anywhere and I wish I could replace everyone unlucky. Unfortunately, I do not have the capacity for this but as a small consolation, I will henceforth offer anyone who unluckily shrunk their wool garments from Tordyvel a lucky discount if you want to buy a new replacement garment.

Here's how: Send a picture of the shrunken garment to Maline@ with a description of what has happened. You get a discount code that gives you 20% discount on the same garment. If it is no longer in the range, you can choose an equivalent.

Then I sincerely hope you will like the replacement garment as much as it shrunk. Or rather, you never have to make use of the discount discount of course. :)

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