New color in limited edition

Ny färg i begränsad upplaga

Autumn's news is coming right into the winter and launching news like this in the middle of the season feels just right. Who doesn't need wool the most right now? The tones go in black and dark graphite gray this time. Timeless, Nordic and always right. This new color scheme is close to the blue / black hue, but completely without the blue element. Slightly more neutral and slightly darker in expression, without the pattern falling away. 

This collection will be in limited edition to begin with; 10 ponchos and scarves, 20 caps and wrist warmers and 60 cardigans. If it turns out that a lot of people want this color, it will come again sooner next fall.

Now everything is except the cardigans for sale in the online store. The men's and women's jackets are being manufactured at the time of writing and the latest delivery note from my Latvian producer is that I will have them in stock again at the end of November. It is possible to order in advance, but expect the delivery time to be at least two weeks on these black / graphite gray cardigans. But, the wait is worth it, because they are really great.

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