Spring weather and wool storage

Vårvädring och ullförvaring

After a long and wonderful winter, the light and heat of spring are undeniably longed for. Dressing for the weather is an old but well-functioning devis and of course I advocate wool in both the underwear and the heat-reinforcing intermediate layer. It breathes, heats and regulates the body heat in an excellent way.

One of the brilliant properties wool has is its self-cleaning properties. After a day's use - yes, even if you have been sweating profusely - a couple of hours of ventilation is enough for the wool fiber to have repelled dirt and odor. The wool garment will be like new and smell fresh. Everyday magic at its best, simply. Also, some stains are pushed away from the fiber during breathing, the dirt settles on the surface and can be scraped off or washed away with water and some shampoo on the stain.

The only time you need to wash is at really tricky spots and before long-term storage such as during spring when many put away the woolen garments. To avoid infestation of pests such as moths and fur beds, it is best to wash the woolen garments and then wrap them in tight plastic boxes or sealable plastic bags. On the website under ABOUT WOOL> HOW TO CARE YOUR WOOL CLOTHES there are washing instructions and more useful tips.

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