Questions and answers

Frequently asked questions

1. How are the sizes in comparison?
The sweater and cardigan models are normal in size, but with a figure-fitting fit to easily fit under an outer garment without feeling choppy. Check the size chart and compare with your own measurements. If in doubt, feel free to ask .

2. Will the cardigan also come as a men's model?
Yes, it is now! It has a shorter collar and is straighter in the model than the women's jacket and slightly longer, but is otherwise quite similar. It is called a men's model, but has also been shown to be appreciated by women.

3. Are more colors going on?
Recently, a new color scheme was launched; black in combination with a dark gray. In the same pattern and quality as in most models. Right now it is working on producing a warm white (off white) in combination with light gray.

4. Is there no less tight model?
The men's jacket is straighter in the model is the women's jacket and works great on women's bodies. The men's sizes are one size larger than the women's sizes, which means that M (medium) for men becomes like L (large) for women. Otherwise, there is no oversized model currently planned. Part of the cardigan's idea is that they should both heat and fit easily and smoothly under a jacket, hence the more figure-cut section. However, there is a lovely generous poncho.

5. Why are the sleeves so long?
Long sleeves can be folded up, but too short can not be folded down. The length of the sleeves makes it possible to cycle without the sleeves creeping up too far on the arm. And not to mention how practical it is to pull down your sleeves when you forget the mittens ...

6. Will there be more products in the range?
We are constantly working to develop news and are currently sketching on a neck stub. But it is important that they become good products and that is why they are not released until they are complete. Keep an eye on your blog or sign up for the newsletter to find out when it's time. You are warmly welcomed with suggestions for new products and models. Contact me at

7. Why isn't everything manufactured in Sweden?
The reason is that I have not found any producer that can deliver the volumes needed. Tordyvel was on the verge of collapse before the first products had even come to the store because of the inability to deliver on time. That risk is too great, and now I work with a very good Danish-Latvian producer in Latvia, which is still close.