Why Tordyvel was founded

TordYvel was founded on a need and a vision for a nature-friendly, well-lighted and functional intermediate layer.

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A garment that fits the needs of the urban activities as well as nature's nightlife. A well-dressed, ecological and comfortable garment with quality and function - is it possible? Here's how founder Malin Lundmark talks about how the brand and the first collection came into being in 2016/2017:

"I have held various professional roles in design and design since 2001. In addition, I am a devoted nature lover and preferably in the mountains, both summer and winter. , snow and sunshine Yes, in all weathers and here somewhere the thought of the need for a stylish and functional garment began to meet both the challenges of the mountain and the city.

Polyester fleece has long dominated the market as the first choice when it comes to heating intermediate layers. As reports of the negative environmental impact of polyester and other synthetically made textile fibers, it becomes increasingly important to find alternative materials. There, the wool fiber stands strong in competition with its recyclable and warming properties. In addition, wool is completely degradable in nature without leaving environmentally harmful traces behind. Progress has been made here to refine and produce functional and durable fibers that are not stitched. The fact that wool, for my own part, has been an inspiring companion throughout life, made the choice of material obvious.

I started sketching, knitting, looking for wool materials, colors and qualities, creating patterns and sewing models. A successful failure on the knitting machine became the start of the pattern Nalta (Northern Botanical dialect for something, a little or a little neighbor ) and constituted the starting shot for the first collection. Eventually, I produced some models that would be tested and matched against a test group. A few more turns and I had found what I was looking for. In the spring of 2017, the first garments under the name TordYvel were launched. 


Great care has been put in function, fit, quality and expression. The result was nice and functional models that hold the shape and can be worn for many, many years. And on the day the garment itself has made its own, all the wool material in the garment can also be recycled. "

Curious about the name TordYvel

TordYvel kretsloppshjälte

The name TordYvel was chosen from the beginning for its beautiful graphic form in writing and Nordic sounding name. With more preoccupation in the world of this mythical beetle, it was discovered that it has many relatives that are endangered. During the course of the work, the devil became a symbol of ecology as an inspiring motivational factor.

The word itself is an amalgamation of thunder ( dropping ) and worm (scroll) which literally means " dropping roller". The relative of the Tordy Devil scarab had an important role in ancient Egypt as it was likened to the rolling of the sun over the horizon in its rolling of the globe. Thus, scarab became a symbol of eternal life, the reincarnation of the soul and the significance of the cycle. 

With the importance of the TordYvel in the cycle as symbolism, there is the ambition that over time the name TordYvel will also become associated with ecological and functional woolen garments in recyclable materials.


TordYvel was started in Malmö in 2017 with the aim of offering an environmentally friendly alternative to polyester fleece using nature's own miracle fiber wool. TordYvel designs, develops, produces and sells high quality functional jackets, sweaters and other warm clothing in knitted organic wool. Slow fashion that lasts year after year with classic models that breathe timelessness and uniqueness. The vision is for TordYvel to become the environmentally conscious consumer's first choice when it comes to stylish and functional cardigans, sweaters and mid-wool layers.

Three focus areas permeate TordYvel's vision and work:
  1. Offer unique woolen clothes of high quality and versatile usability.

  2. Lift up and inform about the wool's outstanding properties.

  3. Prioritize ecology, sustainability and pleasant production conditions.

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