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What distinguishes wool as a material and why is wool so good?

The wool is the sheep's natural protection against rain, blown, cold down - 20 ° C and heat up to + 30 ° C. It is nature's own fantastic raw material and has been used by man for 5000 years due to its functional properties. The wool also protects man regardless of the climate, as the wool fiber's natural friability allows it to retain air. And air provides insulation as you know. Thus, the wool becomes thermostatic and nonconductive of the external temperatures. Here in the north we mainly think about how warm the wool can be, but on the contrary, these thermostatic properties are used in countries near the equator where the wool clothing protects from the heat.

Some of the features that distinguish wool:
  • Woolen material can absorb moisture equivalent to 30% of its dry weight without affecting the warming properties or feeling wet to the skin. 
  • Wool contains the fat lanolin, which makes the wool water repellent to some extent. The lanolin also contributes to the wool material being self-cleaning, bactericidal and not having to be washed as often.
  • The wool repels foreign substances and thus also stains to a certain extent.
  • Wool garments allow the skin to breathe and rarely smell sweat after use. Any odors will disappear after humid weather.
  • Wool is highly flammable and is therefore naturally flame retardant.
  • Wool is 100% renewable and naturally degradable without damaging nature.
  • The wool fiber remembers its latest wet condition. Therefore, it is grateful to shape the woolen garment when wet; gently pull and stretch or "block" the garment with needles on, for example, a training mat.

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