So you take care of woolen clothes

The best thing about wool clothing is that they hardly need more care than weathering.

vädring ullskötsel


Aries is far from being the only maintenance. Hang the garment on a hanger and breathe in humid weather, so the garment will be like new. A woolen garment can be worn directly to the skin for two weeks without having to be washed, due to its self-cleaning and anti-bacterial properties.


The wool fiber repels foreign matter and so does stains. If a stain occurs, leave the woolen garment on for a while before removing the stain. Preferably in humid weather. Then the stain searches for the surface without going into the fiber. Carefully scrape off or wash with cold water. Of course, a lot depends on what kind of topic you have spilled. Coffee, tea and other colorful substances should be washed directly on the stain with lukewarm water. Grease stains are removed by powdering the potato flour, letting the potato flour pull out of the fat for a while and brushing away the flour.


The only time you need to wash is at really tricky stains, long-term use or before long-term storage. Carefully wash by hand or in the washing machine's wool program max 30 ° C. If you choose to wash in the machine, be careful not to wash too many garments at the same time, as friction can cause the wool garment to shrink. For example, the jackets should be washed one by one. Use a PH acid detergent suitable for wool washing or alternatively regular hair shampoo. Never use rinse aid! Carefully squeeze out of the water by hand or spin a maximum of 800 rpm. The rest of the water can be squeezed out by rolling the garment into a towel and lightly stepping on the roll. Roll out the garment and let it dry.

Wet state form

The garment can advantageously be formed in a wet state, since all wool will remember its last wet form until it is wet again. Make sure to shape to the waist, collar or whatever may be needed to adjust to your wishes. You can tighten the - block - the wool garment to the desired shape using sewing needles that are attached to an exercise mat, for example.


Unfortunately, woolen clothes that have been washed at too high a temperature and / or washed with too many other garments at the same time. But there is an opportunity to stretch it out a bit. Place the shrunken garment in a water bath (max. 30 ° C) with hair conditioner for about half an hour. Then gently pull on the garment to make it bigger. The conditioner has the same effect on felted wool as on tangled hair; it straightens it out. However, be patient with patience as it may take time. 

Sometimes, however, it is hopeless - the garment has sadly shrunk forever. If your wool garment from Tordyvel should happen, you can get a "lucky discount" when you want to buy a new replacement garment. Here's how: Send a picture of the shrunken garment to with a description of what has happened. You get a discount code that gives you 20% discount on the same garment. If it is no longer in the range, you can choose an equivalent.


About pods and how they are removed

pods, pusher and pusher comb


Wool materials are not necessarily poor in quality, unlike other textile materials. Many people know that carpets in wool - and especially tufted wool rugs - release dust cans when new. After about a year of normal wear and tear, the carpet has "dusted off" its loose wool fibers.

The same goes for woolen clothing. Pigeons are formed when the smallest woolen fibers are detached from the twisted yarn and lie like small balls on the knitted surface. This is mainly done in places where friction occurs. Over time, the bumps bring with them, as the small fibers get picked off. However, this only applies to clothes in pure wool.


To remove the n balls, you can use a cam or razor with which you shave on the surface. Always look over the garment surface first so that it is not a loose thread that has collapsed - shaving one can unfortunately cause holes instead. If you find that it is a thread, twist it together and pull it into the knit with a sewing needle.

Investing in a knitting machine may well be worth its hundred bucks in purchasing, as it can continue to be used for other garments even when the woolen garment has stopped knitting. Note also that the end of the neck only applies to clothes in pure wool. The most common wool blends usually contain 10-20% polyester or acrylic and these long, strong fibers continue to knob as they are "pulled out" and form a new knob after a knob has been removed.

About pests and how holes are repaired

How moth and fur bed attack can be prevented

Unfortunately, pests such as moths and fur beds are drawn to wool, but fortunately there are ways to avoid attacks. Always wash the woolen garment for long-term storage and store in closed plastic bag with a piece of red cedar or a cloth bag with dried lavender. Moths and fur angel larvae shed these funds. There are companies that focus on developing products for a pest-free wardrobe environment.

Make holes in knitted wool

However, all holes can be repaired and if you want extra thread for your Tordyvel garment, we send it free of charge to you who live in Sweden. Send an e-mail with name, address and whatever color you want under the heading "Yarn" to .

If you get stuck in something and get a loop or tear up a thread in your woolen garment, it can easily be fixed with a needle through which you thread the loose thread / loop and sew between the outer and inner sides of the garment.