Nice production all the way

The condition is that everyone in the entire production chain is doing well

schysst produktion flatlock

This includes a fair salary to be able to live on, regulated working hours, a good and non-toxic work environment, the use of approved environmentally friendly chemicals in product processing and that the animals involved also have a pleasant life. Therefore, Tordyvel has also chosen to work with organic wool that is traceable. Read more about the wool here.

Tordyvel's product development and production looks like this:

1. The beginning of a product idea is usually the result of a need. For our part, nature is a never-ending source of power and the idea is best processed during a hike, as all the puzzle pieces fall as in place. Throughout the entire design process, nightlife recurs as the constant problem solver for locks and life in general.

2. In the studio it starts to sketch and test patterns in combination with different yarn qualities and colors on a manual knitting machine. The pattern is then adapted to industrial machine knitting and sent to the manufacturer, who in turn prints samples on the pattern. When a pattern is approved, fabric goods are ordered by the knit quality of.

3. In the meantime, models have also been sketched and designs that are then stitched with prototypes in the knitted wool meter product. Now an important and time-consuming part of product development takes place when the models are to be tested, worn, washed and changed to perfection. When all requirements are met, production begins.

4. At the beginning, most of the collection in Malmö was sewn with great effort by the skilled seamstress Ivana Dida. With the fantastic increase in demand, all production now takes place in collaboration with a Danish-Latvian producer in Latvia who knits as well as sewing. All pattern pieces are knitted in exact pattern size so there is no spillage, as many other textile industries have at the cutting stage.

Ideally, everything had been produced in Sweden, but at present there is no solution that works well. Than. On the other hand, a very close smart with the producer in Latvia is very worthwhile. Close visits have provided a good relationship and a good insight into the producer's operations.

5. The finished products are shipped by boat via Stockholm and from there by truck to Malmö, where we repackage for further delivery to retailers. Some remain in stock in the studio here in Malmö and can be purchased here in the online store.

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