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The outdoor magazine eyes clothes for women

In issue 2/2020 Emma V Larsson writes an interesting article on clothing standards in the magazine Utemagasinet. The topic is clothing for an active nightlife and the problems that many women experience in terms of fit and sizes.

Lauren Engelke - The Sustainable Stylist

Suddenly, Tordyvel received significantly increased traffic from the US. It turned out to be an American stylist who had hinted at his "38 Best Brands for Sustainable Knitwear" and there was also Tordyvel. Absolutely magical fun!

Health page article in Scan Magazine

A full-page article about Tordyvel in this year's January issue of Scan Magazine - an air magazine available on British Airways, Sun Airs, SAS, Swiss Airs, Finnair's and Norwegians' aircraft and most European airports operated by these companies.

Gunilla from "Green and the stuff"

A stone's throw from Davidshallstorg in Malmö, more specifically on Jörgen Ankersgatan 12, is the eco and fair trade shop Green StoriesOne of the founders of the store, Gunilla Green, writes about Tordyvel in his blog "Green and the stuff".

Annika's Honest from the Design Blogs

In the blog Annika's Honest Annika Kumlin writes inspirational and down to earth with a focus on environment and aesthetics. On October 12, 2017, Tordyvel had the honor of being rewritten under the heading " Save the environment from microplastics - Invest in wool fleece".

Article in Sydsvenskan September 23, 2017

On September 23, 2017, Sydsvenskans Näringslivs attachment published a sweep of local clothing designers and brands in Skåne. Tordyvel ended up on the front of the C-section, which was a great surprise and joy. A very nicely written article by Caroline Alesmark, backed by fantastic photos by Jenny Leyman.

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